Koup Knoffel's House of Garlic

Koup Knoffel’s House of Garlic, owned by Santie Marais, is situated in Laingsburg.

Koup Knoffel’s specialize in various garlic products – from garlic pickles to olives stuffed with garlic. All products are produced individually, handled with utmost care and bottled and labeled by hand before they’re sent to the various outlets.

If the name doesn’t say ‘Koup Knoffel’s House of Garlic’, it’s not the real thing!

Here's Why Garlic Is Good For You!

Did You Know That....

Garlic is Medicinal

Garlic and its medicinal values have been known to man for generation.

Reduces clotting

Garlic has been found to thin the blood by reducing its tendency to clot (similar in action to aspirin).

Good for…

Garlic has been used to prevent and treat infections such as bronchitis, coughs, cold, uro-genital infections and infected wounds.

Garlic contains allicin

The beneficial component of garlic is allicin which gives the distinctive aroma.

Reduce Bloodpressure

Garlic can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels sufficiently to decrease the risk of heart attack.

Got bitten…?

Fresh crushed garlic will help to reduce the pain of insect bites and stings including those of scorpions and spiders.

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Our products are available in various shops in South Africa. If you can’t find our products, please contact us with your order.

Our range consist out of the following products:

Garlic Pickles: Lemon, Herb, Mild, Sugarfree, Pepper and Chilli  |  Garlic Chutney  | Garlic Mustard  |  Health Honey and Sherry Marinade  |  Garlic Flakes  |  Garlic and Herb Marinade/Salad Dressing  |  Olives stuffed with Garlic

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